Advisory Services



Our mission is to unearth and empower our clients’ priorities to achieve strategic solutions and results. We work with clients of all stages of organizational development, from start-ups to mature organizations, from grassroots leaders to industry executives, we support and manifest our clients’ visions. We research and analyze organizational systems to deliver focused strategic goals in alignment with our clients’ organizational values.


Our consultants draw on industry knowledge, using research-based and field-tested practices and an extensive database of lessons learned, to help our clients successfully navigate their objectives within the healthcare ecosystem. We achieve exceptional results through our expertise in change management including needs assessments, stakeholder engagement, and document review. We engage in solution procurement to support our clients in government, international organizations, NGOs, and private enterprises to understand and integrate priority setting into practice.



We are dedicated to enhancing communication pathways within the healthcare industry and throughout patient populations. We are experts in amplifying our clients’ key messages to reach diverse, remote, or generally disengaged patient groups. We have a long history of successfully sourcing patient feedback and meaningful involvement by harnessing channels for 1- and 2-way communication.


Our knowledge translation expertise has served thousands of patients, medical professionals, and industry leaders in becoming engaged in a timely and inclusive manner across coalitions of NGOs, academia, marginalized populations, and minorities. Our clients are set up for success with early access to our existing relationships and contacts of industry leaders for formal or informal dialogues and reciprocity.



We expedite our clients’ career development and clarify decision-making crossroads for current and emerging industry leaders at all stages of their careers. Our executive coaching services are available for a wide range of clients: from new executive hires, to start-up founders, to those looking to pivot and revitalize their capabilities. We are able to mentor advanced leadership capabilities, guide skill development throughout our clients’ careers, and support further growth through executive-level networking augmentation.

Our approach is based on a comprehensive coaching strategy encompassing personal wellness and professional excellence. Our career advancement framework empowers healthcare career persons to tangibly enhance their opportunities through recognized metrics and credentials. Personalized and flexible career development options are available for organizations or individuals according to our clients’ preferences and career goals.


Project Management


Information Management

In this new digital world, we must harness emerging technologies to improve patient care quality and efficiency through greater digitalization of healthcare services. We are equipped with the knowledge and experience to mobilize the evolution of the healthcare industry towards digital delivery of technology enabled care. We can capitalize on this opportunity to innovate flexible solutions for the healthcare needs of modern patient populations. Our team empower our clients to adapt to the rapidly changing digital health landscape by designing and implementing healthcare digitalization initiatives with deep working knowledge of health information systems, privacy regulations, analysis and reporting, and legislations for information management.



We support policies designed to enhance healthcare quality, patient health outcomes, and healthcare sustainability. We are experienced with policies across all health domains and are able to transcend healthcare fragmentation to achieve our shared policy objectives. We believe in a simple set of guiding principles for policy development: Policies should be understandable, implementable and future-oriented.

We strive to thoroughly understand our clients’ organizations insofar as we can facilitate the development and adoption of user-friendly plans, protocols, and programs. We pride ourselves in a history of successfully engaging policy makers along with stakeholders across organizational strata to source insight from those affected by the policies we develop. Our team ensures careful and thorough policy review to guarantee alignment with regulations, best practices, legislation, and organizational objectives of today and tomorrow.



Our experience across health authorities and service sectors enables us to provide our clients with valuable comparative data for benchmarking and systems status checks from similar organizations around Canada. As an external party, we can provide unbiased progress analyses and advise benchmark attainment and renegotiations to achieve optimal capabilities for our clients’ organizations.

We expertly design scope parameters according to our knowledge of competitors throughout the entire healthcare ecosystem. We analyze deviations in population health data, budgets, stakeholder and patient feedback, legal agreements or treaties, quality standards, HR trends, risk metrics to illustrate the efficiency of your projects or programs and the alignment of your organization to its strategic or operational objectives.


Health Promotion



We recognize the importance of harmonizing business and care interests of the healthcare sector. We believe that business initiatives and operational reforms should simplify administrative tasks and free physicians time and capability to care for patients. We are dedicated to engaging physicians to help them find more meaning in their work by minimizing administrative delays and redundancies.


We strategize with division and department heads to empower physicians to integrate their expert perspectives into health sector initiatives. Opportunities to enhance healthcare systems can be generated by leveraging insight from medical experts and connecting physicians with tools available in the context of the healthcare industry to maximize their time and service quality.


of Care

We are dedicated to improving care quality in terms of patient experience, population health, care team well-being, and reducing cost. As a third party, we delve deep into blind spots within the healthcare environment for care effectiveness and the qualitative experience of patients and healthcare delivery teams. We understand the essential metrics and ask the right questions to help measure, and so optimize, the patient and provider experience. We value research-based, data-backed, unbiased and meaningfully honest feedback in the manner with which we engage with our clients. We believe in the value of outlier conversations to recognize opportunities and gaps in quality of care for subgroups and subpopulations, such as those generating health quality disparities. Our consultants are passionate about supporting and facilitating conversations around quality of care for the purpose of quality improvement, person-centeredness, and healthcare equity.



We believe in a future of healthcare that overcomes the chronic disease epidemic by maximizing the cost-effectiveness of care and the comprehensiveness of human wellbeing through preventive healthcare and health promotion. We endorse and support our clients’ transition towards a greater prioritization of preventive services harnessing comprehensive diagnostics. We are equipped with knowledge and experience to help our clients’ meet the increasing demands of engaged and health-conscious patient populations who are seeking personalized care with higher standards of service. Our consultants can support our clients’ desire to augment their service standards through personalized health optimization systems with comprehensive lifestyle intervention and biofeedback technologies. We help health innovators strategize approaches to preventive services with effective governance mandates and flexible implementation options. We champion healthcare innovations that forward the cause of healthcare sustainability and wellness for all.


Our Services.


National Leadership



With integrity and courage of resolve, we champion the rights of all Canadians who face of obstacles to healthcare equity. Transparency is essential in maintaining accountability to marginalized groups and ensuring healthcare accessibility. We conduct interpopulation and cross-organizational comparisons to support the cause of healthcare equity. Through document preparation, briefing notes, and multimethod research we empower communities with business cases for equitable services.


As healthcare leaders, we stand with the beautiful diversity of everyday Canadians to remedy the systems and structures that perpetuate or aggravate health disparities throughout Canada. Holding true to our commitment to diversity and inclusivity, we engage in outlier conversations to target services gaps or improvement opportunities, and we welcome requests for pro bono services.  



Conference Facilitation

We support the management of healthcare conferences as experienced keynotes, content experts, industry influences, and extensively vetted conference chairs. We have had the honor to facilitate several national healthcare conferences. We provide value by marketing through our social media channels to networks of 10,000+ healthcare professionals. We partner with conferences to help maximize their attendance by promotion support through our national networks, and we broker partnerships for conferences looking for coalition opportunities.



Our mission is to integrate our fragmented healthcare system to operate harmoniously throughout Canada. We have extensive expertise in forming and maintaining cross-organizational teams for projects and general partnerships. With our vast national network of public and private healthcare leaders, we can connect distant organizations to remedy the operational inefficiencies and administrative redundancies inherent in the fragmented nature of our healthcare industry.

By improving cross-organizational relationship building, we can work to better harness the strengths and skills of health professionals. We bring our clients into coalitions, help navigate common ground to negotiate joint decisions, and we facilitate implementation of shared objectives to meet patient care needs. Within established partnerships, we support and highlight the unique capacities of individual partners as well as the as the shared capabilities of the coalitions. We also coach our clients through the process and provide the essential skills for coalition building to facilitate healthcare sector relationships without the need for independent brokers.