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Gevity’s management consultants help clients establish successful organizational, program and product level strategies. We know what works and what doesn’t. We ensure our clients are well-positioned to act on solid strategies and measure implementation results.

Every organization is unique. Our consultants tailor the development process to the individual needs and characteristics of your organization. Common to all our engagements is our unwavering focus on helping our clients achieve stakeholder buy-in. We know that effective stakeholder engagement is key to successful development, adoption and sustainability of any healthcare solution. Leverage our extensive engagement experience across multi-disciplinary and inter-organizational settings to help design and deliver your fit-for-purpose stakeholder engagement strategies that ensure the right stakeholders are engaged, at the right time, using appropriate techniques and methods. Whether it’s devising innovative engagement approaches, undertaking stakeholder segmentation analysis, or facilitating workshops and focus groups, we can help you avoid potential costly surprises and realize your business objectives through timely, meaningful engagement. 

value-based care all demand rapid communication and meaningful decision-making information.



Gevity project management consultants bring extensive qualifications, best practices and tooling, as well as deep experience working inside healthcare organizations. Our consultants offer the real-world experience needed to navigate your most complex initiatives, ensuring every project progresses with rigor, organization and consistency.

Gevity consultants use our Gevity Healthy Projects Method™ formal portfolio governance and project management methodologies and tools. Building on the most relevant components of the recognized PMBOK®, PRINCE2® and Prosci ADKAR® best practices, our Healthy Projects Method is adapted to healthcare environments, focussing on clinical and patient stakeholder management solutions. It includes an agile tools and techniques evaluation at each phase of a project, enabling continuous quality improvement throughout the entire project life cycle.


Our Service Offerings

With hundreds of successful healthcare projects and programs under our belts and satisfied clients around the globe, Gevity’s service offerings are tuned to our clients’ diverse needs. Not only can we do it for you, we can teach you to do it yourselves, by getting your project management office (PMO) off the ground and thriving within your complex organization.

Our project management service offerings are unique in the market in that they are designed to provide value and benefit to our clients, not just a supply of project managers.


Our Value-Added Project Management Service supplies quality project management capacity to augment your internal team, with our Gevity Healthy Project Method value-add services included at no extra charge.

Our Turbocharge Service provides executive-level consultants to jumpstart your new initiative, to rescue your struggling project or program, to provide objective assessments & reporting on your initiatives, or to help you establish a new PMO. This service leverages structured engagement roadmaps and advanced tools to deliver optimal value in limited timeframes.

Our Team On Demand Service augments your internal capacity with flexible, reliable project management teams, combined with predictable pricing for each specific project portfolio.

Our Virtual PMO turnkey service combines processes, software, tools, mutually defined metrics, and defined project management capacity with flexible scaling to cost effectively meet your portfolio management demands with guaranteed results.


For more information on our service offerings and the Gevity Healthy Projects Method™, schedule a 30-minute call with our global practice lead for Healthy Project Solutions:



  • We believe in maximizing project efficiency and outcomes in successfully realizing your business objectives. We provide the framework and support necessary to empower our clients to establish and implement organizational and program level strategies.

  • We provide expert qualitative and quantitative measurements and analytics to ensure our clients remain on target throughout the project life cycle. Our consultants adjust our project management framework to meet the needs of your organization. We emphasize the importance of timely and meaningful stakeholder engagement, diligent risk management, and lean-agile methodology throughout the development, implementation, and maintenance of all healthcare projects.

  • Our certified project management professionals harness project management processes to translate business objectives into task-segmented results. We are dedicated to continuing to maximize the value of your projects within schedule and budget as the foundation for our project management services.

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