We leverage our skills and experience to eliminate redundancies and minimize wastes to achieve deliverables in time and on budget.

Enjoyable Collaboration

We run a motivated operation with a lively atmosphere that has empowered us to amass a national network across Canada! We respect the values of our clients and help motivate meaningful participation and maximize the benefits of collaboration.



Our mixed ethnicity & range of multicultural experiences help us understand and support diverse cultures & perspectives. We have expertise engaging stakeholders including senior executives, rural populations, Persons Experiencing Homelessness, & minority groups.​

Up-To-Date Innovation

We leverage our associated healthcare newsletter, Canadian Health Care Daily News, for the most current healthcare updates. We prioritize research-backed and innovative health management strategies and protocols for maximal benefit to our clients.

Courageous Accountability

We are committed to our values of honesty and accountability. We leverage the skills and experience of our clients, and we don’t shy

away from holding our clients

to the goals they establish.


We are experts in foraging through complexities and translating the jargon of this fragmented industry that we all share. We believe in extracting value from chaos and providing 

simple and understandable deliverables.

Meet the Team.



Paul Gallant was instrumental in the creation and completion of our community needs assessment for Alert Bay. His previous work in health care and with other community projects made him perfectly suited for our purposes. He was able to circumvent local politics and biases to complete a project that was directed and purposeful. The completed project enabled us to take real meaningful steps forward towards a better, healthier community.

—  Dr. Dan Cutfeet, M.D., CCFP

Head Physician for Alert Bay, B.C.

Namgis First Nation & Island Health


Principal Consultant & President

Paul brings more than 35 years of combined operations, clinical, governance, and business experience.​ Paul has worked extensively with healthcare professionals and physicians from his birthplace in Newfoundland, to his home in British Columbia.


Paul is the lead editor of Canadian Healthcare Daily News, a renowned source for the most current healthcare updates throughout Canada. Paul is also nationally recognized as a healthcare influencer with a digital following totalling over 11'000 healthcare professionals.

As Principal Consultant, Paul leverages his national health industry network and his national reputation as a professional healthcare leader and strategist. ​Paul personally leads all projects to achieve client goals and engage various levels of internal and external stakeholders including senior executives, rural populations, PEH communities, and other minority or marginalized groups.

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Paul Gallant


Anneke Rees



Management & Governance Consultant


Anneke holds more than 40 years of experience in the non-profit and health care systems, focusing on end-of-life services and palliative care. Her experience includes both private and public sector programs including Leader of Volunteer Resources for Providence Health Care. 

Anneke has an MA in Leadership and Training and a Certificate in Volunteer Management. She is a co-facilitator of Death Cafes where she is a presenter on End-of-Life subject matter. She is also an instructor in Simon Fraser University's Liberal Arts 55+ program and has been a coach in the Executive Mentorship Program of the CCHL.

"Whether you’re building from the ground up or negotiating change I bring a direct approach (tempered with humor) to get to the heart of the matter. Personal integrity is very important to me.  I am considered to be a good listener, and have a reputation for living up to my promises."

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Gallant Values.

Santiago Pérez


Consultant & Head of Digitilization


Santiago is a health consultant with expertise in project management & health systems transformation, and a decade of experience including health promotion, clinical operations, and policy development. 

Santiago has a background in biochemistry, psychology, and medical administration along with business, policy, and marketing experience in the biotechnology, sustainability, and media sectors. He has extensive leadership, facilitation, and medical experience working with NGOs serving indigenous, youth & elderly, and DTES populations. 

As Head of Digitalization, Santiago specializes in the development of integrated health systems enhanced by digital healthcare technologies. He conducts extensive retrieval, evaluation, and implementation of emerging healthcare research harnessing predictive analytics for effective health management strategy. He is dedicated to supporting the evolution of the healthcare industry towards an efficient and accessible digital landscape. 

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About Us.

We are a team of Healthcare Consultants
from diverse backgrounds,
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a shared vision for Canadian Healthcare Excellence