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Founded in 2007, GALLANT HEALTHWORKS & Associates provides evidence informed strategic solutions to meet the needs and opportunities in the Canadian and international health sectors.

Gallant HealthWorks & Associates (GHWA) is competitive, flexible and strategic while "engaging stakeholders in health." We have provided outstanding healthcare leadership, research, education and marketing services for years. Many of us have more than 20 years experience. All are highly qualified academically and professionally including a mix of:

> Certified Health Executives "CHE"

> MBA, MHA, MHK, MPH, MSc, PhD and other education credentials

> Various project leadership, research, business and other qualifications

> Numerous professional memberships

Our Networks & Collaborators Set Us Aside

Gallant HealthWorks' expert network of associates, partners and collaborating companies spans Canada, China, US, UK and beyond. These networks include others in the fields of healthcare, telehealth, education, business, medicine, leadership, communications and others.

CONSULTANTS: We work with an extensive network of trusted and experienced consultants and leverage our local to international networks.

Paul Gallant, CHE, PhD(c), MHK, BRec(TR)
Skills include:
health care management, allied health clinician/leader, QI, patients as partners, business development, strategic planning, recruitment, relationship and partnership building, leadership, community/stakeholder engagement, health IT, telehealth, IAP2, policy development, health promotion, knowledge translation, communication, workshop design & facilitation, multiculturalism/diversity, mental health & addictions (eating disorders, men's health), child/youth and older adults, rehabilitation, health equity, benchmarking, resource management, group facilitation, mixed methods research, teaching, clinical skills, quality of work-life, wellness and mentorship.

Paul Gallant 保罗·国伦博士(高级长者护理专家)简历介绍: 保罗·国伦博士是一位十分创新的、以人为本的老年人卫生护理高级行政人才,在卫生、健康、社区卫生管理及促进、诊所、调查研究方面有三十年的经验。有着众多管理和领导人才,通过广泛的人脉为社会或组织促进卫生保健及相关合作事项。他曾任为老年人提供卫生护理相关组织的主席,对管理高级豪华及平民化老年人房屋及护理中心都有独到的心得。也曾参与老年人护理、复健、精神健康及临终护理等相关政府政策的制定。 加拿大是一个社会主义及资本主义结合的发达国家,几十年前已推行全民医疗保险计划,医疗水平世界第一。保罗·国伦博士为政府受聘于政府医院或任教于省立大学及工专学院为老人护理专家。 除了经验丰富和学识渊源的,更是一位优秀的领导者,能管理复杂的项目、计划和团队,激励其他人工作积极性及潜能,帮助项目和计划顺利完成,通过长远利益关系建立,为组织和公司增加无形价值。曾在国际、加拿大、卑诗省内数十次演说和会议展示,以及常受加拿大全国各大主流媒体的采访,有关如老人护理方面的意见。 

Paul is a Certified Health Executive (CHE) with 33 years of cross-sectorial experience in healthcare, education, research and leadership fields, including substantial business and clinical experience across many populations.

He is committed to professional and community service. He presently serves as:

>Past-Chair & Mentor, Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL/Professional Association), BC Lower Mainland Chapter; Recipient, Chapter Distinguished Service Award, CCHL, 2014.
>Advisory Board Member, NYIT
>Past Advisory Board, Canadian Association for People-Centred Health.
>Past Chair, Canadian Red Cross, Water Safety, Adapted Aquatics Committee
>Past President, BC Therapeutic Recreation Association

Paul has provided leadership to health authorities, universities, professional groups, consultancies, governments and individuals; managed interdisciplinary resources in acute, community, educational, and residential settings; built partnerships, empowered others, championed diversity; served as President of a non-profit society, a professional association and other associations.

He incorporates knowledge translation and proven mixed methods approaches throughout his work and teaching. He has successfully engaged "difficult to reach" and multicultural stakeholders through multiple methods using IAP2 principles in workshops, focus groups, interviews, surveys, and media to inform, evaluate, and improve citizen's, patient's and provider's experience. This includes experience in the community and in primary health care.

He has informed healthcare policy across diverse groups with an emphasis in mental health and addictions, senior's care/end-of-life, emergency department treatment, health IT and personal health information privacy/security.

Paul's expertise, skills and approaches are equally applicable in working with senior leaders, professionals, volunteers, citizens and grass roots stakeholders. He also maintains a small clinical practice, helping improve quality of life and coping for males with eating disorders on an individual and small group basis. Eating Disorders work is in collaboration with Dr. Birmingham. Details

Read Paul's
resume here via Slideshare

Much of Paul’s experience includes connecting expertise to achieve quality outcomes plus the recruitment, supervision, evaluation, and mentorship of multidisciplinary teams across complex programs or projects. These have including seniors and end of life care, academic, business ventures such as advising foreign companies in Canadian health practices, provincial mental health, emergency treatment, primary health, privacy, quality improvement, benchmarking that includes working with or alongside all BC plus many other Canadian health authorities and agencies at one time or another.

He has presented at more than 50 conferences. Presentation topics include: leadership, patient engagement, community engagement, patient experience, employee stress/health, embracing diversity, and engaging stigmatized groups including males with eating disorders.

Paul is a conduit and founder/manager of "Canada Health & Healthcare Consultants" "Health Care Leaders" and "Person Centred Health" professional networking discussion groups on Linkedin with more than 3700 members. These groups also provide an excellent network of consultants and health leaders to call upon when added resources are needed.

OHA: Tribal Group Directors Paul (L) & Nigel with Taimour & Paul (R)

Paul & Nigel from Tribal UK, Taimour (Access Group) & Paul Gallant

Gallant HealthWorks & Associates (GHWA) is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, advising across Canada in the U.S.A., and in China.

Suite 2008 - 550 Pacific Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 3G2

Phone: 604.999.9164
Email: info@GallantHealthWorks.com