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Gallant HealthWorks & Associates (GHWA) is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and working across Canada and in selected countries. GHWA works with you, the client and your key stakeholders to best understand your needs and to help accelerate the uptake of desired solutions with key decision-makers.

As a people-centred and health-focused consulting business with extensive cross-sectorial experience, skills and endorsements, GHWA helps you see and hear what's most needed or who are underserved, to make informed and often collaborative decisions.

GHWA is the only independent network of experienced leaders, clinicians, researchers and educators with cross-sectorial skills that support Canadians'
health improvement in the broadest sense.

We have expertise in many areas, including: 

  • health care management
  • quality improvement
  • community & stakeholder engagement: patient, family, public, providers
  • strategic planning: collaborative needs assessments, focus groups, survey construction/administration/analysis, key informant interviews, facilitation, report writing
  • leadership development
  • patients as partners/person-centred health/patient-family focused care
  • team recruitment & facilitation
  • network and partnership building including a national referral database
  • communication/social media/knowledge translation
  • diverse populations & First Nations
  • Patient-centred telehealth through Journil Solutions Ltd.
  • privacy
  • resource management: fiscal, human including health professions, MDs, volunteers
  • start-ups: health tech
  • business development & market analysis
  • mentoring & coaching
  • employee health & coping

We are *pre-qualified/approved service providers to various agencies including:  
-Doctors of BC (BCMA)
-Health Shared Services BC
(*i.e. direct awards from BC Health Authorities - up to $50,000 permissible in the Specialist-Expert-Other Consulting in the
General Management and IT Consulting Categories)
-Government of British Columbia: Community Living BC &
Ministry of Citizens' Services and Open Government

Patient Experience Partner (annually) 2015 & Presenter (view presentation slides)

Customers are government agencies, health authorities, education institutions, corporations, professional associations, groups, non-profits, other consultancies and individuals. Customers include:

>Numerous Divisions of Family Practice, "A GP for Me" (Family Physicians, Public Engagement, Project Management, Leadership)
>New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), Health Professions, needs assessment
>The National Forum on Patient Experience (Canada)
>Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA)/BC Mental Health Addiction Services, Led ER Dept. Protocols across BC
>The University of British Columbia, Office of the CIO & Medicine, Privacy Review; Sessional Faculty, School of Human Kinetics
>BCIT & Douglas College
>The Conference Board of Canada, Marketing Partner (multiple events annually)
>Various Chinese-Canadian business associations, Mainland China
>Crossroads Hospice Society, Needs Assessment & Strategic Planning
>Global National TV 16x9: National documentary/CBC National Online Panel
>Advantage International (Western Canada, customer relationship benchmarking hospitals & suppliers)
>INSITE Consultancy Inc. Content Development, YOUR VOICE COUNTS
>All BC Health health authorities
>The BC Ministry of Health including Patients as Partners, Patient Voices Network/IMPACT BC

>Intercultural Online Network (iCON) UBC School of Medicine e-health
>Sanotron/Hacking Health Vancouver, 2013, Community Partner/Mentor (Photo left)
>CHSRF (Canadian Health Services Research Foundation, now CFRI)
>Inspire People Group (UK)
>UK Trade Investment, British Consulate
>France Trade Investment, French Consulate
>Healthcare Leaders' Association of British Columbia
>Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute
>Small to large consultants' firms
>The Access Group (Ontario)
>Public Agenda Group Inc. (BC)
>A national body for mental health information
>Various physician professional groups
>Mentoring and coaching individuals

Photo (far above): Focus group members participate help inform strategic planning for a hospice NGO. Partial group photo.

Photo (just above): A forum of health professionals, technology professionals, patients and mentors are co-creating health
technology applications.                                                                                                                     GHWA was a partner & provided mentorship to participants and teams.

Photo (left): Vancouver Campus, NYIT: Dean Paul Dangerfield, Paul Gallant & Provost/VP Academic Dr. Rahmat Shouresh.
Consulting on a new health professions advanced education program in BC, Canada.
This work included engagement with: The Ministry of Health, The Ministry of Advanced Education (DQAB), all BC health authorities, several professional associations and universities.
Later appointed to The MSOT Advisory Board, NYIT, Vancouver. 

Our projects, and certainly our experience, focus on leadership and building collaborative relationships.
Examples include:
>Physician, Health Provider, MOA, Patient & Public Engagement
>health care technology start-ups
>Benchmarking Client Satisfaction with health shared services' purchasing (CRM) (CANADA)
>Emergency Department Treatment Protocols for Children & Adults in BC 
>Academic Privacy & Protection of Personal Information in Health Services
>End of life & hospice community needs assessment
>Evaluating LEAN
>Seniors' Health in China
>Knowledge Translation
>Group and individualized wellness/quality of life and coping sessions

Journil Solutions Ltd. Photo (left) - Advising Chinese & Canadian business/political leaders in Southern China on health care solutions.

Journil Solutions Ltd. (User-Centred Telehealth) works in collaboration with GALLANT HEALTHWORKS & Associates.

QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR CONTRACTING SERVICES? Please contact info@GallantHealthWorks.com       

SEE/DOWNLOAD an overview of our work HERE on SlideShare or call Paul Gallant at 604.999.9164.

NYIT has been very fortunate to have engaged Paul Gallant in support of our strategic plans to introduce a new masters degree in the health professions. Paul's experience and networks within the health sector have been invaluable to the project and his professionalism and his attention to detail in conducting our planning, research and analysis excellent. P. Dangerfield, Executive Director and Vancouver Campus Dean at New York Institute of Technology

Paul's recent work with INSITE included facilitating stakeholder analysis and content development on a project that included five organizational partners. The project deliverables were achieved successfully and with a high degree of client satisfaction. Paul has excellent stakeholder engagement and facilitation skills and his networks in health care/education and leadership sectors speak to his high level of experience, credibility. in this environment. Paul is candid, aware of the political environment and offers strategic advise that helps others make informed decisions.
P. Brownrigg, President, INSITE Consultancy & now Vice-president, Vancouver Coastal Health

"As co-founder and CEO of a new health information technology start-up, I sought out Paul for his insight regarding introducing our offering to the workplace wellness and medical communities. Paul provided concise, thorough feedback and suggested multiple strategies, consistent with a lean start-up’s capabilities, to approach these markets, that we are currently implementing. As we develop and achieve success, I look forward to continuing an enjoyable working relationship with Paul.
" Dan Tatham CEO/Co-founder Journil, BC, 2014 

“I have known Paul since 1998. In 2013-14 I worked with him when he led an initiative with approximately 160 family doctors, and a variety of diverse health authorities and community stakeholders. Paul worked with various advisors and partnering organizations to identify needs, opportunities and strategies to improve the health of our community. His leadership, clinical, research, networking and business skills enabled the project and partnerships to evolve, leading to positive outcomes/experiences for all involved. I was very pleased to work with him and highly recommend him.” Anneke Rees, Health Executive, BC, 2014

“It is rare to find people in business with high integrity and the ability to build rapport quickly with anyone they meet. Paul Gallant is that man. Paul's style and approach have helped
him build networks locally and internationally. He is helping my company expand breakthrough science across North America and into Asia/China. Paul is highly experienced in health
care and related fields, and I have come to respect him as a business partner and friend. If you are looking for a solid business consultant or partner that does what he says, Paul is your man."
Tom Dutta, Business Executive & Chair, Mood Disorder's Association of BC

"Gallant HealthWorks was recommended to Tribal via a contact through the British Consulate General’s Office in Vancouver. Paul has assisted Tribal by: identifying opportunities,
facilitating introductions to healthcare leaders, navigating the Canadian healthcare system plus promoting to increase Tribal’s visibility in the Canadian healthcare sector.
At Tribal we appreciate the quick communication of opportunities and fact finding on a national basis provided by Gallant HealthWorks, plus the continuing valued relationship
with Paul and his Associates. We have always found Paul to be a proactive partner, well connected to the health market and a shrewd observer of trends and assessor of possibilities.
Even more important we find him very reliable and fun to work with." Nigel Draper, Director, Health Practice, Tribal Group (London, UK)

“I recently worked with Paul as part of a patient and health care provider content development/workshop facilitation in primary health. Paul was knowledgeable and skilled in working with
and moving our team ahead under tight timelines. He supported team members in reaching our objectives and demonstrated a wide breadth of experience, adaptability and leadership in
achieving our end goal. He has a great sense of humour and was a pleasure to work with!” R. Plowright, Fraser Health Authority, 2011

“Paul is a focused, dedicated team leader with strong executive-level support skills and contextual understanding of health care needs across BC and internationally. He has proven ability
to communicate clearly and diplomatically in multicultural environments.”
 Svetlana Kishchenko MD, Public Health Specialist, Institute For Health Policy Analysis, 2010 

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See Paul Gallant's Linkedin professional network for more than 600 skill endorsements and 18 detailed references.

Memberships include:                                                                                                             

Canadian College of Health Leaders: Paul Gallant, Chair & Mentor, BC Lower Mainland Chapter  (Recipient, Chapter Distinguished Service Award 2014)

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